The Quantum Vibratory Brain

A fundamental discovery in human sciences

The case of the children with autistic disorders

We notice an explosion of case of autistic disorders since about twenty years. France would count, according to the last estimations, about 400000 autistics, that is a person on 150. Let us remind that the autism is a disorder of the early childhood which goes from the simple TED to the Asperger syndrome, persisting in the adulthood, which shows itself: by the incapacity to have normal social interactions, by the change of the communication and by the limited, repetitive and stereotypical character of the behavior. The autistic lives introverted, in a kind of internal world. But why?

It is necessary to make at first a difference between autistic disorders, true autism and regressive autism. For what concerns us we shall speak here about autistic disorders and about regressive autism, what can be passing and thus reversible. There is a large-scale debate on the origins of the autism today: genetic, vaccinal, intoxinales (heavy, pesticidal metals, Thiomersal), food (gluten), intellectual abnormalities, defects of the placenta, the put under stress gestation, the depression of the mother … Even if a lot of progress were made since the discovery of this potential which have cells to memorize the stress, no solution of adaptation of their behavior of our society showed itself durably effective for the moment. Last April, two French members of parliament even introduce a private bill to make of this behavior disorder the big national cause of year 2011.

In effects, origins ensue the possible treatments and drain important interests in front of the scale of this problem of public health that is the autism. The alternative methods of care thus multiply but with random results. Why also not wonder what these children try to say to us? Would not they be the testimony of a change of civilization? Then why to let some him appropriate? Would not the origin of the autism simply have been looked in the " good place of the brain "? And if this place was not physical but quantum? Would there be a still unknown dimension of the psyche and thus unexplored by the medical and behavioral sciences?

The Quantum Vibratory Brain and his state criticizes at the child's with autistic disorders

To describe the child with autistic disorders seen by a therapist named here Bioticien®, it is necessary to introduce the completely new notion of Quantum Vibratory Brain ( CVQ). Indeed, it exists, in mirror of our encephalon represented by the Neuronal Brain ( CN), the subtle mechanism of management of our body which Bioticien® has conscript CVQ. This CVQ works without knowing the consciousness of the person, although, paradoxically, it is the tool of its expression. Besides, as is knowledge of the physics, this CVQ is invisible for eyes and for all the technologies. " The main part is it not invisible for eyes? " Says the fox to Small Prince de Saint-Exupéry. It is in one of its level that finds accommodation the structure of the "Bio-psychanalytical" unconscious.

Brought to light by Emmanuel Guizzo in the 1980s, this discovery of the CVQ did not stop confirming the reality of this mechanism by the results obtained since, in particular on the hypersensitive children, called sometimes "different" children, sometimes children " dys " that is globally in autistic disorders.

This Vibratory Brain is at at the same time a mechanism and a dynamics accommodated in a cortical structure structured outside the space time, in a volume of empty informed space, which thus states the quantum functioning of the individual where from the naming of Quantum Vibratory Brain.

Compound of the origin of the principle of memory of the life crossed present and future and more exactly of the fundamental principle of the storage of the memory formative of the individual - whose active functioning of the homoeopathy is one of the witnesses- and its personal and cosmic story, its perception and its manipulation appeal in supra-consciousness of the individual and thus to the perception supra-conscious of Bioticien.

This concept of CVQ raises from the vision of the Vibratory Biotic Man who can be compared with the above mental man described by Shri Aurobindo who already spoke "of the same superior law which governs the material and the spirit ", without holding however the means to analyze the constituents. This philosophy is the one of the Asram de Pondichéry, expressed in particular by Jeanine La Jeunesse, in its creation of Yoga-dance ® and of Ostéophonie ®.

The hypersensitive children, whose hypothesis we are several to support that they are endowed with a superior intelligence, develop disorders of behavior -which go from the simple TED to the autism- because of this phase shift, this décohérence of phase, between the CN and the CVQ.

For Bioticien®, it is in fact about a blocking, about a damage of the CVQ, in answer to the stimuli of the environment which are too strong with regard to the bad absorption capacity of the " cortical machine ". Therefore, the child with autistic disorders to generally a "big" CVQ but who remains "stuck". He does not develop, simply because he has no strength of it. Speak, express himself, of write request then a considerable energy.

Now, if the acquisition of this effort is not made before 3 years, the brain of the child will have enormous difficulties in re - to seek this effort. It is then the dumbness. This cramp of the CVQ is too powerful to be freed by the only individual.

And it is about the beginning of a vicious circle there. Indeed, if the CVQ is distorted, altered, damaged, and if there are no sound frequencies liberator of energy by the phenomenon dynamogénique described in Ostéophonie ®, there is an absence of Biotic Pulsation who amounts to a chronic absence of Circalaires Movements of the CVQ. The blocking if auto-interview. The CVQ will remain timeless, coupé of the world, as put to sleep.

Are not the children with autistic disorders described still clinically as " in their world " and " outside the notion of time "?

The important stage of 3 years

We notice that the appearance of the behavioral disorder leading to the autism often shows itself around the age of 3 years. This age corresponding from the myélinisation of the frontal lobe and at the beginning of the psychic maturation. The frontal lobe is the lobe of the attention, the action, the choice of the action and the projects. That is all which makes the individual of go out "quite sensory" induced by the other lobes, according to the last ones discovered in neurobiology. From 3 years, the movement of the CVQ is going to ask in fact for a new source of Biotic energy to be able to accompany the maturation of the neuro-frontal brain, the CVQ being a real guide for the CN.

To understand, we can compare the CVQ with an egg which has the energy to become a chick but not " to break its shell " … There intervenes the role of the father … It is thus very important to make out a will and ( Ré)activate the CVQ of a child before three years, period sensitive as that of 7 years.

The results

Generally, after the premature ( ré)activation of the CVQ, the results on the child with autistic disorders are "obvious", about is the "classic" follow-up of the child which has to continue.


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